Q?What do you do differently than your competitors?

This is a great question actually and one I’m happy to answer. Showcase Real Estate Photography goes above and beyond in the service, quality and quantity end of the business.

I don’t require you to remain exclusive in order to obtain better pricing. I encourage you to try my services. I will charge you the same as everyone else gets charged. I believe in my product and level of service so much that I know you’ll be happy and be a repeat client.

I have your photos delivered to you FAST. Usually the same day. I understand you need the images quickly and won’t leave you hanging.

I respond to text messages and emails QUICKLY.

I shoot with state of the art FULL FRAME canon equipment. I shoot in RAW image format which allows me to apply ALL adjustments necessary to the images. I have purchased state of the art video equipment for real estate videos allowing me to achieve professional footage that no other company is doing anywhere in the valley for the prices I charge.

I am a Graphic Designer and worked in the industry with the leading software for the last 15 years. This has made me an expert in software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom and Final Cut Pro X plus many more applications. This makes me a one stop shop for all your photography and video production needs.

I offer friendly service. I am a people person and enjoy very much interacting with your clients. Talking to them on a personal level which helps relieve stress of having someone in your home taking pictures. By the end of most shoots I’ve made new friends which reflects very well on my clients.

I DON’T over embellish images to the point that they look “fake” or “distorted”. A lot of photographers actually don’t know how to use a DSLR camera properly with proper lighting techniques so they resort to a process called HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography.

Post production time. There’s a stigma attached to photography that all photographers do is snap some pictures on their expensive cameras and upload the images to their website and charge a lot of money for it. Well that is not true and for each photo shoot I do, I spend a lot of time editing the photos to make them perfect.

Ultimately Showcase Real Estate Photography is a one stop shop for all your photography and video production needs so you don’t have to line up different companies to do it all. We do Photography, Video plus Aerial Photography and Video services and are licensed with Transport Canada and have full insurance coverage as well with accredited training.

I hope this explains a bit of the process and what it is that I offer that is different to my competition.

Q?How much do you charge for a photo shoot?

The answer to this question isn’t a simple one unfortunately but if you contact us with the following details we’ll be happy to give you a quote for your listing or project.

Location of home? Size of home? Valley Views? Lake views? Mountain views? Anytime of day or twilight? Aerial services needed? Video needed?

Our pricing starts at $109.00 and goes up depending on square footage, driving distance and timing for shoot. We will be happy to quote you with full information provided to us.

Q?How long after a shoot will it take to get my images?

Showcase Photography has always taken pride in our speed of turn around. We understand how important it is especially for realtors to have their images delivered quickly so that you can get them online fast. In todays competitive market speed and quality are everything so rest assured you will receive your images within 24 hours of the shoot and if that’s not possible due to workload, that will be discussed prior to confirming any booking.